When will the belly stop hitting the thighs?

Part 1 of my journey to a better version of me This is a light hearted, from the heart blog about my journey to health and fitness This journey began long long before April 2021. Most of my adult life I have suffered with my weight. I would go on a diet, join various typesContinue reading “When will the belly stop hitting the thighs?”

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes!

Part 6 of the series about surviving a devastating fire Moving house is always a bit of a stressful time, packing / unpacking, dealing with boxes, organizing “stuff”. Moving into a place with nothing, one would think there would be less stress from packing / unpacking. Whilst I would somewhat agree, of course it isContinue reading “Boxes, Boxes, Boxes!”

In transition – part 2

This is part 5 of my blog series about surviving a devastating fire. A little over 2 weeks had passed since the fire. And it is really only now, as I write this, that I realize how fast things were happening. I had viewed 2 apartments – the first one was promising, it even hadContinue reading “In transition – part 2”

It’s just a colander!

Surviving a devastating house fire Back Story 10 years ago I rebuilt my life from nothing – it was by choice. I left behind many things, but was able to take some treasured personal possessions. 10 years later, I am restarting my life again – building from nothing, but this time it is not byContinue reading “It’s just a colander!”