How did I get here? – Part 4

Recap from part 3 – In February 1994 I joined Southco Inc, for 15 amazing years A huge life changing event, global travel and getting involved in technology. 1998 was the year of life change events – I grabbed the opportunity of a lifetime. With the help of Southco, I moved from England to the USA.Continue reading “How did I get here? – Part 4”

How did I get here? Part 2

Recap from Part 1 – After being denied entrance to the Women’s Royal Air Force (for being too short), I was at a loss as to which direction my career would take me. The 1980’s in England weren’t exactly booming for teenagers – the Youth Training Scheme (YTS) was a joke to many of us. I foundContinue reading “How did I get here? Part 2”