Getting healthy isn’t just on the outside

Part 7 in my series about my journey to a healthier and fitter life Getting healthy isn’t just about looking slimmer or more toned and muscular, it is also about what is going on, on the inside. Back in 2019, I was not only overweight – I was in dangerous territory with a number ofContinue reading “Getting healthy isn’t just on the outside”

Look in the mirror to see how far you have come!

Part 6 in my series about my health and fitness journey I could come up with a thousand excuses as to why I “let myself go” – but quite honestly, I am working on putting it all in the past. Part of my journey to a healthier and fitter life is also about coming toContinue reading “Look in the mirror to see how far you have come!”

Alaska – the last frontier!

Well, not quite for me. Alaska is my 49th State visited, in the 49th State I love to travel and, and also love to travel in various ways – be it by car, motorcycle, RV, plane, train or boat. This Alaska Adventure was a mix of planes and trains. When I moved to the USAContinue reading “Alaska – the last frontier!”

My thought’s on the overturning of Roe v Wade

My blogs are typically about health , wellness, animals, and my experiences. Today I feel compelled to speak up about the ruling from the US Supreme Court, and the overturning of a controversial , yet fundamental woman’s right. [From Wikipedia] On June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court overruled Roe in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, holding “theContinue reading “My thought’s on the overturning of Roe v Wade”

Dealing with plateaus and celebrating milestones

Part 4 in my series of blogs about my mental and physical health journey The mind can be a very tricky place! In my last blog, I touched on the subject of the inner demons – those voices that make you question yourself, maybe even take away from your confidence. And one area that canContinue reading “Dealing with plateaus and celebrating milestones”

Fighting the inner demons!

Part 3 of my journey to health and wellness – both physically and mentally I started writing this blog back in November 2021. I was going to change the title, as I feel I am in control and able to deal with those inner demons. But I have decided that I want to explore thisContinue reading “Fighting the inner demons!”

When being selfish is good for you!

Part 2 of my journey to be a better version of me! 6 months ago I made a promise to myself. I would change old bad habits. I would transform myself into a better version of myself.  While the journey is far from over, I wanted to share a milestone with you.  I received myContinue reading “When being selfish is good for you!”

When will the belly stop hitting the thighs?

Part 1 of my journey to a better version of me This is a light hearted, from the heart blog about my journey to health and fitness This journey began long long before April 2021. Most of my adult life I have suffered with my weight. I would go on a diet, join various typesContinue reading “When will the belly stop hitting the thighs?”

The impact of the fire on my family

part 7 in my blog series, Surviving a devastating fire. Traumatic experiences have a far reaching impact, not just on the person that suffers the trauma. In the case of my house fire, I live alone (with my cats). My parents live in Spain, my brother lives in England, my son lives in Australia. OfContinue reading “The impact of the fire on my family”

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes!

Part 6 of the series about surviving a devastating fire Moving house is always a bit of a stressful time, packing / unpacking, dealing with boxes, organizing “stuff”. Moving into a place with nothing, one would think there would be less stress from packing / unpacking. Whilst I would somewhat agree, of course it isContinue reading “Boxes, Boxes, Boxes!”