Every journey has a beginning

Welcome to my blog!

I invite you on a journey into my life and my thoughts, in the hope that I can help others, maybe even be an inspiration to someone.

If we could positively impact someones life by telling our own story (including maybe what we might have done different), how amazing would that be???

Over the coming days, months and years I want to be able to share my life’s journey with you. Stories of places I have been, things I have done in my life, some lighthearted, other things that are sensitive, from the heart – pretty much how I became the person I am.

As I get to grips with this new blog site I am creating, I hope you bear with me.

I have many hobbies, writing is one of them, but I look forward to sharing my other hobbies with you in pictures and words, from my wonderful cats, my love for music, the people who have inspired me, to my cooking, knitting and travel adventures – and so much more.

My musical hero – Joe Strummer

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