My thought’s on the overturning of Roe v Wade

US Supreme Court

My blogs are typically about health , wellness, animals, and my experiences. Today I feel compelled to speak up about the ruling from the US Supreme Court, and the overturning of a controversial , yet fundamental woman’s right.

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On June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court overruled Roe in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, holding “the Constitution does not confer a right to abortion” and that “the authority to regulate abortion is returned to the people and their elected representatives.”

Emotions first.  

Anger, utter rage, sadness, more anger. 

My rage is focused not only on SCOTUS, but all those hypocrites who talk about sanctity of life. 

These are typically the same people that scream bloody murder over saving their precious 2nd amendment rights, as the innocent lives of children are taken by gun violence. 

It got me thinking. These are also the same people that do not want to help contribute to society (healthcare, education, children’s welfare), to help fellow humans rise up from poverty.  Yet now they are about to create a knock on effect that will likely increase the number of people “in the system” and relying on welfare. 

It’s all well and good saying young girls shouldn’t have sex, shouldn’t get pregnant. And whilst I don’t disagree that promiscuous young women should not see abortion as a form of contraception, the numbers show that this is not necessarily something that is widespread (such a small number, the point is moot!).

What we are creating is something potentially horrific in a country that is supposed to be at the forefront of the world, yet here we are going backward, as we erode the rights of women (and it won’t stop there!  I foresee gay rights, same sex marriage, and more, being targeted and rolled back!). 

The knock-on effect of Roe v Wade goes far beyond womens rights. It impacts humanity as a whole. 

We will see young women dying from botched, backstreet abortions. 

We will see more young children abandoned, more children born into poverty, and worse. 

Yet these people that overturned Row v Wade (and those that support this) don’t care about any of that (I often say they care until birth, then they have utter contempt for innocent lives). I feel they smirk down their evangelical noses at that “sort of thing”. They close their curtains in their middle and upper class homes, and refuse to see the problem that they are about to make endemic. 

We already have an overburdened social services system. Remember Gabriel Fernandez?  Noah Cuatro? Anthony Avalos?  And so many more poor children subjected to a short life of torture and pain. A complex, bureaucratic, social services failed them. How can our infrastructure cope with a potential avalanche of cases to come over the next few years. 

I also foresee human trafficking increase, those evil bastards licking their lips, as they capitalize on the heart wrenching situations of young women, needing to make the most awful decisions and likely handing over their babies to human traffickers. 

Then the increase of abandonment, as many of these poor women and girls will have absolutely nowhere to turn, and this will likely impact a welfare system/social services already so overburdened, that more and more people will “fall through the net”. 

On the subject of the erosion of rights, where will this stop?

People laughed at me when I foresaw the overturning of Roe v Wade, and likened this path to Handmaids Tale and the Republic of Gilead. I don’t like to say “I told you so” – but all I see is an increase of evangelical conservatism where human rights will continue to be eroded. 

We are becoming a very disparate society where the respect for women and their rights, will belong to those in powerful positions, and the life of those innocent children, once they are born into this world, will be one of pain and suffering for so many. 

I also won’t be surprised to see an increase in suicide and infanticide either. 

We should be looking forward, looking for ways in which to prevent these situations, and that starts with access to healthcare, education and a support infrastructure that can help those that need it the most. And that includes access to abortions!  

I do wonder about those middle/upper class young girls that get pregnant (and more likely the ones using abortion as a form of contraception) by their preppy “boyfriends”.  How will their parents cope when these girls can’t use their allowance, to go get an abortion (typically without mum or dad finding out)?  What will become of them?  

It is so hard to see anything good coming out of this decision by SCOTUS. And although a few states will continue to allow abortions, access will likely become tougher, the system will become overburdened, and quite likely many will not even be able to afford to travel out of state anyway (oh except those that are the children of the rich folks that voted/supported this!). 

I truly do not think things will stop here. The erosion of our rights has begun, and I fear it won’t stop. 

Our bodies, reproductive rights are now under the control of others. 

Some may say I’m being melodramatic, just like when people told me a couple of years ago, that Roe v Wade would never be overturned, had told me to quit being so dramatic. Well here we are!  That day did come. 

My heart breaks for all women, and especially young girls right now. All I can say is, in the words of Bob Marley, who wrote the song Rise Up for a different fight for rights:

Get up, stand up

Stand up for your right

Get up, stand up

Don’t give up the fight!

One glimmer of hope in these dark days, seeing companies support their employees, offering assistance to travel out of state if ever they need that help. But we have to do more. Much more.

Right now my emotions are still running high. But watch this space, as I work with others and try to help women across the USA get the care they need.

I wrote this from the heart, filled with emotions. I intend to do more research in the coming months, and work to support every woman to fight for our rights.

Stay tuned!

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One thought on “My thought’s on the overturning of Roe v Wade

  1. Laura
    Thank you for your powerful words I only wish that I was able to put my feelings into words as you have done. I walk around angry and wanting to fight .I just cannot believe what this world has come to. Forget about woman’s rights and the middle class and poor and what happens to the poor children that are not wanted my God theirs enough suffer in this world for them now. 😢

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