Good things come to those that wait

Cabo de Gata – Almeria, Spain

Patience is a virtue they say,

Life is is journey of learning.

We must go on, come what may,

We can’t always have what the is heart yearning.

One step forward, three steps back,

We cannot give up, there is no turning back.

To dare to dream of a life of bliss,

One must make a move, take a risk.

Our journey is full of twists and turns,

Some days we feel we will crash and burn.

But not today – for today we must strive,

Because today we are alive.

Good things will come to those who wait.

Published by laurah66

Born and raised in England - moved to the US in 1998 - traveled all over. Animal lover, love to knit, write. Enjoy music, cooking, and since 2021 I have changed my lifestyle to include exercise as a priority in my life. I believe in humanity

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