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Getting healthy isn’t just on the outside

Part 7 in my series about my journey to a healthier and fitter life Getting healthy isn’t just about looking slimmer or more toned and muscular, it is also about what is going on, on the inside. Back in 2019, I was not only overweight – I was in dangerous territory with a number of…

Look in the mirror to see how far you have come!

Part 6 in my series about my health and fitness journey I could come up with a thousand excuses as to why I “let myself go” – but quite honestly, I am working on putting it all in the past. Part of my journey to a healthier and fitter life is also about coming to…

Alaska – the last frontier!

Well, not quite for me. Alaska is my 49th State visited, in the 49th State I love to travel and, and also love to travel in various ways – be it by car, motorcycle, RV, plane, train or boat. This Alaska Adventure was a mix of planes and trains. When I moved to the USA…

My thought’s on the overturning of Roe v Wade

My blogs are typically about health , wellness, animals, and my experiences. Today I feel compelled to speak up about the ruling from the US Supreme Court, and the overturning of a controversial , yet fundamental woman’s right. [From Wikipedia] On June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court overruled Roe in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, holding “the…

I am an athlete!

Part 5 in my series about my health and fitness journey Never in a million years would I dare call myself and athlete. But recently on my endurance training program, one of the instructors sat there and told me that I am an athlete! Wait! What? I am? How can I dare call myself an…

Dealing with plateaus and celebrating milestones

Part 4 in my series of blogs about my mental and physical health journey The mind can be a very tricky place! In my last blog, I touched on the subject of the inner demons – those voices that make you question yourself, maybe even take away from your confidence. And one area that can…


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Hi, I’m Laura. I decided to create a blog to put my thoughts onto virtual / digital paper. I love to write. I find it is a great therapy. I have many loves in life, my cats, cooking, knitting, sports and so much more – I hope you enjoy my blogs.

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